Jack Johnson – «Cookie Jar»

I would turn on the TV but it’s so embarrasing
To see all the other people I don’t know that they mean
It was magic at first when they spoke without sound
And now this world is gonna hurt, you better turn that thing down
Turn it around

«It wasn’t me», says the boy with the gun
«Sure I pulled the trigger but it needed to be done
Cause life’s been killing me ever since it begun
You can’t blame me cause I’m too young»

«You can’t blame me, sure the killer was my son
But I didn’t teach him to pull the trigger of the gun
It’s the killer on this TV screen
You cant blame me its those images he seen»

«Well I wasn’t the one who came up with the plan
I just point my camera at what the people want to see
Man, it’s a two way mirror and you can’t blame me»

«You can’t blame me», says the singer of the song
«Or the maker of the movie which he based his life on
It’s only entertainment and as anyone can see
The smoke machines and makeup
Hey, you can’t fool me»

It was you it was me it was every man
We’ve all got the blood on our hands
We only receive what we demand
And if we want hell then hell’s what we’ll have

And I would turn on the TV
But it’s so embarrasing
To see all the other people
I don’t even know that they mean
And it was magic at first
But it let everyone down
And now this world is gonna hurt
You better turn it around
Turn it around

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  1. PålB sier:

    Eg tippe Jack Johnson e enn vilt gode mann..

  2. Bjørnar sier:

    Det tippe eg og.

  3. 15. Johannessen sier:

    Hallai! Han er jo berre konge. Magisk! Og for ein musikk! (Måtte jo berre kommentera dette…)

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