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  1. Silus Grok sier:

    This is a really interesting development… but I worry that commentators are not being careful to portray this as a very complex issue.

    I grew-up in Spokane, Washington, in the US. At the time, Washington state had very strict anti-billboard laws, and I saw only a few billboards here and there growing up. Now I live in another state that has no a billboard laws to speak of, and billboards are everywhere. I see and feel the difference between a landscape and streetscape that are relatively billboard-free, and ones that are strewn with billboards.

    So I’m very much in favor of curbing billboard use.

    But what do we do with people whose businesses/livelihoods are so firmly attached to the use of billboards for advertising? I’m thinking of folks with restaurants in remote areas, hotels, and the like? Is there a way to move forward without wiping them out?

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