What is it about this relatively simple process that’s so confusing, Bob? Software manufacturer notifies user an update is available, user decides whether or not to download and install it.

Unless you’re just saying that people who have Safari installed — including, apparently, you — are incapable of making binary decisions on their own. That’s an interesting theory, but one that doesn’t paint you in a very good light.

The one person the Macalope knows who might fall into this category is Mrs. Macalope. But her default setting is “no”. Every time the software update window appears she ignores it. It sits there bouncing away in the Dock and somehow she manages to ignore it. Meanwhile, the Macalope, sitting next to her on the couch CAN SEE NOTHING BUT THE BOUNCING ICON IN MRS. MACALOPE’S DOCK. OH, MY GOD! WHEN IS SHE GOING TO CLICK ON THAT AND AT LEAST MAKE IT STOP BOUNCING?! CAN’T SHE SEE IT?! HAS SHE LOST HER PERIPHERAL VISION?! DID SHE HAVE A STROKE?! SHOULD THE MACALOPE RUSH HER TO THE HOSPITAL?! AFTER DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING THE UPDATE?!

But even she’s making a decision — she’s choosing to ignore it. How she does that for an entire episode of Weeds, the Macalope has no idea, but she does.

The Macalope, om automatiske oppdateringer. Kjenner igjen responsen til Mrs. Macalope fra hvordan Ben Ao og, når jeg tenker meg om, alle jentene jeg kjenner forholder seg til datamaskinen sin. (0)

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